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Our Story

Founded in 1994, Blue Iron Technologies is a Texas based IT Services Company with offices in both the Houston and Austin areas. We pride ourselves on offering a diversity of IT infrastructure services to small and medium-sized companies, associations, cities and local government agencies. Having vast experience working with IT systems and virtualization solutions, you can consider us "Your Personal IT Department".  Whether you need to spin up a hosted server for a new business venture or specialized project, all the way to a comprehensive disaster recovery solution to prepare your business for the unthinkable, we have you covered.


Our Mission

Driven by technology, conducted with integrity, we help our customers achieve success by keeping their IT infrastructure running seamless, their data secure, and keeping them well-informed of emerging technologies.

Our Value

Simply put, peace of mind.  IT should be invisible - simply a tool to help you meet your bottom line.  Whether that's driving revenue for your business, or ensuring the safety of the citizens that live in your city, IT needs to be simple.  We make that happen by delivering highly-skilled IT professionals right to your fingertips.  We support your business or city on your terms.  You will not find a more flexible, dedicated and knowledgeable team that is committed to delivering the best service you can find.  We stand behind that promise. 


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