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Technology can be a challenge. 
We're here to make it simple. 

With over two decades of experience dealing with some of the most challenging environments, we've built a team of some of the best IT professionals you can find.  By doing so, we give you you the ability to tap into the best systems and support your money can buy.  We recognize that you need to be able to use technology to drive your business outcomes.  We remove the complexity of your IT operations and keep you focused on your core mission.  It's that simple.

Whether you want to host your IT solutions at your facility or ours, we have a wide range of options that are designed to support nearly any size business, local government or criminal justice network.  As you grow, we scale with you and provide the flexibility you need to be able to leverage technology when you want it and how you want it.  Technology is changing at light speed - partner with Blue Iron Technologies to not only keep up, but get ahead.

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